Generation Now - Round Table Event

The future is most definitely coming, and with it huge steps in our understanding of patients, diseases and treatment.

‘Better together?’

The future of 'partnership' in healthcare is with the crowd...

Why your gran’s not too old to be a millennial...

Why your gran’s not too old to be a millennial...

The future is bright

We believe that the future is bright, that health will improve and that progressive pharma will be successful. Led by emerging science, amplified by technology and powered by engaged patients. 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Millennial Healthcare Professional

Arthur finds himself floating around in a universe in which small digital devices can tell you everything about anything, a universe…rather like the one we live in now. 

The Millennial Healthcare Professional

‘Googling’ has been mainstream since they were 10. Facebook became a thing when they were 12. Phones became smart when they were just 15. They haven’t lived through a digital revolution (they missed that). They’ve simply lived in a digital world.

SXSW – South Bites

"The millennial patients of tomorrow are more demanding. They require tailored treatment programmes that consider their lifestyle and work around them."

A Retrospective View On SXSW

"Future technology is already here and more accessible for everyone. We can immerse, explore and understand more than ever before, what we now need to do is understand how to get the best out of these new channels."