"We need to change the way that people communicate, and change the way people think about healthcare."

The millennial generation are collaborative and social. But what are the opportunities for collaboration in healthcare and how could collaboration improve outcomes?

Wearable technology will become forgettable technology, data will become useful, 5G is set to open up a new world of possibilities. But what does this mean for the future of healthcare?

"Often healthcare communications is regarded as 'unpopular culture'... however combining science with popular culture, makes the project relevant, engaging and effective. That's our opportunity."

"In the past, I was merely talked at by my doctor...today it's very different, I tweet my doctor and he messages me back....the boundaries have been broken down and we can communicate easier."

"It was the inaccuracies that worried me and I thought you know what; I have a professional responsibility to put more accurate information out there."

"The industry will be transformed as a result of not just 107 people in a trial but 10 million people having real metrics measured at home multiple times, over 10 years."