Round table event: Overview

A discussion between some of the most innovative and influential faces of healthcare in the twenty-first century to examine the impact of the millennial HCP on healthcare. Together, they discussed how the millennial generation will dramatically transform healthcare for the better through collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Episode 13: Round table part 5. The future of our health

In this episode, the panel look at the future and discuss how the opportunities to improve the way healthcare is delivered with new technology, ideas and innovation. 

Episode 12: Round table part 4. Business innovation and collaboration

Healthcare (and pharma in particular) is not known for its collaborative nature. In this episode, the panel discusses the increasing need to build strong partnerships with other industries to ensure we are maximising the new opportunities available.

Episode 11: Round table part 3. New technology, new skills

In this episode, the panel discuss how the new technology requires new skills. Are we teaching medical students all the skills they need to be able to accelerate innovation in their careers? 

Episode 10: Round table part 2. New ambitions and new challenges

In this episode, the panel discuss how new technology presents new challenges. Technology entrepreneurs want to 'move fast and break things', however healthcare operates under a policy of 'do no harm'. The panel discusses how can we bring these two very different worlds together to improve efficiency safely.

Episode 9: Round table part 1: who are the millennials?

In this short episode the panel discuss the defining behaviours of the millennial generation, and debate if they will be the generation to dramatically transform healthcare.

Generation Now. Campaign Overview

Our campaign revealed that the millennial HCPs are already embracing the challenge to fix the failing healthcare system, they are driving dramatic changes and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Episode 8: The future of our health. Presentation by Dr Jack Kreindler

"We need to change the way that people communicate, and change the way people think about healthcare."

Episode 7: Culture of collaboration. Conversation with Adam Emmott and Dan Weaden

The millennial generation are collaborative and social. But what are the opportunities for collaboration in healthcare and how could collaboration improve outcomes??

Episode 6: The impact of technology. Conversation with Adam Emmott and Dan Weaden

Wearable technology will become forgettable technology, data will become useful, 5G is set to open up a new world of possibilities. But how do we ensure that we realise the benefits and the technology helps build relationships and drive improved outcomes in health?

Episode 5: Opportunities in healthcare. Conversation with Adam Emmott and Dan Weaden

"Often healthcare communications is regarded as 'unpopular culture'... however combining science with popular culture, makes the project relevant, engaging and ultimately more effective. That's our exciting opportunity."


Episode 4: The power of the patient. Q&A with Matt Eagles

"In the past, I was merely talked at by my it's very different, I tweet my doctor and he messages me back....the boundaries have been broken down and we can communicate easier."

Episode 3: The millennial HCP. Interview with Dr Jack Kreindler

"The healthcare industry will be transformed as a result of not just 107 people in a trial but 10 million people having real metrics measured at home multiple times, over the course of 10 years."

Episode 2: The impact of the millennial HCP on pharma. Presentation by David Hunt

"Healthcare is in an age of transformation, with new science, new technology, new funding models and newly empowered patients. But at the heart of this transformation will be the millennial healthcare professional."

Episode 1: Socially Conscious. Interview with Kristian Webb

"It was the inaccuracies that worried me and I thought you know what; I have a professional responsibility to put more accurate information out there."

Generation Now: The Impact Of The Millennial HCP On Our World